1. How to Mic and Mix Electric Guitars for Live Worship Music

    In many churches today, the electric guitar has become a staple of modern worship music.  I can remember a time when I was leading worship and I searched for over 2 years to find an electric guitarist.  Today it seems many of the new songs being written even lend themselves to more interesting ele…Read More

  2. 3 Bad Habits I Struggle with as a Church Tech Team Member

    As church tech team members we check all the mics, position all the lights and verify our cues, but forget to check ourselves. God often uses our skills and abilities to point out areas in our spiritual life that need improvement. I have been in a church tech booth for as long as I can remember and…Read More

  3. The Heart of a Technical Ministry Volunteer

    Serving is an important part of our growth – in life and faith. Want an especially challenging and rewarding role as a servant?  Try serving as a technical ministry volunteer! If you’re reading this, you probably already are. Congratulations! You’re part a team that has the ability to make a …Read More

  4. Church Lighting: How to Select a Fixture

    The face of the church is constantly changing. No longer do you step in the average church and see huge elegant pipe organs, stained glass windows, and all lights turned 100% by one flick of a switch. Today, much more consideration with lighting is used to accomplish the needs of illumination while …Read More

  5. How To Mix Your Church’s Live Drums: 3 Steps To Help You Improve

    Live acoustic drums can be one of the most difficult instruments to mix in a church setting.  However, if you have an acoustic drum set in your church you want them to sound great.  Easier said than done, right?  If you have ever felt like your acoustic drum mix leaves something to be desired, he…Read More

  6. A Quality Tech Ministry

    There are times when being an audio, video, or lighting tech in a church can be very rewarding and there are times when that job can be very trying.  I was reading an article this morning at www.Churchproduction.com about cure for a snarky soundman and I was reminded of more than a few times that …Read More

  7. The Truth About Compression

    It's almost commonplace these days for small, medium and large churches to be using digital mixers.  One of the great things about about DSP technology becoming more affordable is that many companies can make a full featured digital mixer for thousands less than they could 10 years ago.  If you ar…Read More

  8. Make Quality Recordings From Your Service

    Recording a sermon or the music from your church's weekly services has never been easier than it is today.  Modern recording has become increasingly affordable over the last decade. Recording in church isn't new. Church's have been taping sermons to cassette decks or compact discs for years.   H…Read More

  9. Adding A Video Ministry

    Church Tech Today recently posted a great article stating 3 reasons for starting a video ministry in your church.  One of the best parts about this is that in the year 2015 adding video to your church's list of outreaches can be as affordable or as expensive as you want.  If you want to dip your …Read More