At House of Worship Technology, we know a thing or two about church sound systems. We strive to be your partners in technology and ministry which is why today’s blog is all about three of the things you need to know about the perfect church sound system.

We understand that different churches have different needs and different callings. That’s why today’s post will focus specifically on what you can do to get the ideal church sound system for your own house of worship.

When it comes to worship sound, we’ve been in the business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Keep reading for our tips and tricks on church sound system design!

M10565- Church Sound System

Church Sound System Design 101

One of the things we strongly believe is that business relationships aren’t established by selling people items that they don’t need. After all, what good is having the best microphone on the planet if your church is never using it? That’s just a waste of resources. Instead we strive to help churches all around the country by equipping them with the resources and knowledge that they do need.

When we say that we want to be your partner in technology and ministry, that’s exactly what we mean. Our goal is to help your church be the best version of itself and we do that by lending churches across America a helping hand when it comes to church sound systems, video design, or anything else.

So what makes for the perfect church sound system? Ask yourself these three questions.

Question 1: Do We Need This?

Sure, it’s a simple question, but it’s probably the most important one you can ask. There’s a fine line between getting the best church sound system you can afford and getting something simply because it’s the best. What good will it do you if you don’t utilize its potential?

After all, if a less expensive sound system could get you the results you’re looking for, why spend more money? Being respectful of your resources is always a smart move.

Question 2: How Can We Use What We Already Have?

Chances are you already have some useful equipment lying around. There’s no need to get all new mics if your church has a few workhorse SM-58s in the closet. When you choose to work with House of Worship Technology, we happily help you to assess your inventory and buy only what your church needs to sound its best.

Whether you have some idea of what you’re looking for or have never touched your church’s sound system before, you can put your trust in us to provide you with the expertise you’re looking for to make your church audio sound incredible.

Question 3: What Are Our Goals?

If your church primarily uses its sound system for the pastor to speak, you likely need a fairly simple setup. If, on the other hand, you have two (or more!) guitar players, a bass player, someone on keys, a drummer, and a few people singing on microphones, your setup might be a little more complicated. Add in the fact that you may use a video projector and it gets even crazier.

At House of Worship Technology, we can help with your church sound system’s project design, installation, or repair. We can even train you on how to use your equipment effectively or provide a consultation on what we believe would be a great option for you.

Contact Our Church Sound Systems Design Experts

When you work with House of Worship Technology, you’re going to get an incredible experience. We have plenty of experience doing what we do and we’re happy to share our expertise with churches all across the United States (or elsewhere if that’s where we’re called)!

Our team has been specifically trained in everything from church sound systems to video to lighting to audio mixing and more. If you have a question, we’d love to help your church. Our calling in this world is to be the audio experts that churches are looking for when they have questions.

In fact, because we care about what we’re doing, we gladly donate proceeds from every order on our website to support missions and missionaries all across the globe who are spreading the love of God far and wide.

If your church is in need of a new sound system or simply needs repairs done on the one you currently have, it would be our honor and pleasure to help. No matter what you need, we’d love to be a great resource for you on all things church audio and video. Feel free to contact us right here on our website or give us a call at 800-521-4321. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to provide your church with great sound no matter where you are!