Here at House of Worship Technology, our goal is to help churches find sound systems that work for them. We know that every church is likely going to have different needs. Does your congregation worship with two vocalists and an acoustic guitar? Perhaps your church has a full band with drums, keyboards, two electric guitars, and acoustic guitar, bass, and three vocalists? Do you own the building you’re in or do you meet in a high school gymnasium? Obviously those very different scenarios require you to tackle your worship mix in a completely different way! Luckily for you, our goal is to help you make the right decision.

At House of Worship Technology, we do it all! From helping you to design the perfect church audio experience to providing you with the training you need to mix audio the right way, we’re here for you every step of the way. No matter what size your church is and no matter what your budget is, we believe that great sound completely and totally enhances the experience of your congregation during worship.

Think about it for a second- does anything pull you out of the worship experience faster than hearing mic feedback or popping and hissing? We’ll make it our mission to find you the ideal church sound system design that meets your needs and allows your congregation to spend their time worshipping totally free of distractions!

M10565- Church Sound System



We’re the Pros When it Comes to Church Sound Systems

Finding the right worship sound for your band isn’t always the easiest thing. Let’s say you have two guitar players in your church’s worship band. One is playing a Jazzmaster through a Pro Jr. with an assortment of pedals for delay, reverb, and overdrive while the other is playing a hollow body Gretsch through a Vox AC15 and letting the amp’s tubes provide a bit of gain. Do you know where to start mixing the audio to get the perfect balance? Should one stand out more than the other? If so, who?

If you have the wrong equipment or are unsure of the techniques you should use, it’s going to end up sounding muddy. On the other hand, if we’ve helped you to find the perfect sound system for your church and you know where things need to sit in the mix, the result is going to be a beautiful sound that allows your congregation to fully engage in their worship experience without any distractions.

Good Church Audio Doesn’t Have to Be Impossible

From project design to installation to consulting to repair to training, when it comes to church audio systems, our team does it all. Your worship team’s goal is to make a joyful noise to the Lord; our team’s goal is to help your worship team sound great doing it!

We’ve been solving problems with church media for quite awhile and we’ve seen firsthand the way that technology companies have taken advantage of churches to make money. These companies will often sell a church sound systems and audio gear that they don’t really need, taking advantage of them throughout the process. It’s our mission to put a stop to that, providing you only with what you really need to get the worship sound that suits your congregation perfectly.

Whether you know a little bit about church audio, nothing at all, or you’re a seasoned pro at mixing audio in your church, you can count on House of Worship Technologies to partner with your church’s unique calling to spread the Gospel in your community! Have no idea where to start? Feel free to call us at 800-521-4321 to discuss your options. Know what you’re looking for but need a price that makes sense? Feel free to browse our shop!

No matter what type of church you call home, we’re here to help. If you have a congregation of 20 or 2,000, you meet in a gym or in your own building, you’ve been around for 5 months of 50 years, we want to help you find the church sound system that sounds great in order to take the focus off of the sound and put it back on Christ. We look forward to providing you with the assistance you need!