Why are we getting so much feedback? How can we adjust the lights so that the pastor doesn’t need sunglasses to preach? Where do those cables even go? These are common questions with not so common solutions. Every church is designed and laid out differently. Over the years things tend to get moved around and changed and sometimes not for the better. Consulting from House of Worship Technology will help you determine the problems in your technology system(s) and put together a plan to get back on track for distraction-free worship!


We know what it is like to have the daunting task of designing a new technology system or replacing an outdated one. When it comes to figuring out the perfect church lighting design or learning how to mix audio, things can be a little tricky.

So let our team of highly trained specialist help you.

Whether it is looking through blueprints and putting together additional drawings for your new technology systems or going through your existing equipment and cabling to see what can be reused to save you money in an upgrade project, we are here to help. From providing solutions on the perfect church video setup or providing you with sound system designs to suit your church’s needs, we’re here to help. Our desire is to work with any size church and any size budget to meet you where you are and get you what you need.


Today’s world has a lot of “Do it Yourself” people. This is a great thing, but when it comes to church technology there are a lot of safety and quality assurance aspects to keep in mind. Our team at House of Worship Technology has worked on hundreds of churches and understands the structures, building codes, and product lines incredibly well. This guarantees that your system will be installed safely with no risk to your members and correctly by manufacturers standards so that everything works at peak performance and longer lifespan. Let one of our installation specialists know how we can assist you here…


One of the most frustrating things in the world is to have equipment that you and your team don’t know how to use (or use properly). In most churches, we find the desire is there for running the technology systems well, but the knowledge is lacking. We understand that all those knobs, buttons, and flashing lights can be intimidating and stressful, but they can be your best friend if you know what they do and how to properly carry out their function. House of Worship Technology has training staff that can come to you and train your team on how to best use and carry out your specific technology system(s).


No signal? Lights have a mind of their own? Projector not as bright as it used to be?

Our team at House of Worship Technology can troubleshoot, tune, and repair most audio, video, and lighting systems onsite! Malfunctioning and distraction creating technology should be the least of your worries before a worship service.