The Behringer X32 has received many great accolades over the years.  It’s arguably one of the most purchased and installed mixers in a church audio environment.  This year House of Worship Technology was the number 1 provider of X32 mixers to the state of Kentucky.  As we look to grow in 2016, we find ourselves looking back on the sales and installs from the past year.  Here are 3 reasons why we at House of Worship Technology think the Behringer X32 was so popular with churches in 2015.



The X32 is insanely flexible.  With 32 XLR mic preamps and 16 XLR outputs coupled with software patching, you can take any signal from your input and send it to any output.  This is a feature that until recently was only available on high end (costly) consoles.  This makes it incredibly easy to keep the multiple layers of channels well organized. The organization of layers makes training volunteer staff simple and intuitive. However, that just get’s you started on the IO that this thing has. There are also 6 aux ins and outs, and 4 different expansion cards for the single card slot that will allow your church to build on the X32 for years to come.  Also, with a simple USB thumb drive, or a more complex setup with a USB/Firewire cable, any church can add the ability to record 1 or multiple elements of their service.  Top it all off with wireless ipad mixing that let’s the sound tech walk around the room or worship with their church family with complete control in the palm of their hand.



The X32 will be great for most churches right out of the box, but the X32 line of mixers also boasts many options for expansion.  The Behringer line of digital snakes can completely eliminate the need for a giant multi-channel snake. Using just a standard CAT5e or CAT6 cable you can add an S16 to your X32 and more channels to your mixer.  Many churches will also be interested in lowering their stage volume and getting rid of floor wedges and opting to use Behringer’s personal monitoring system, the P16’s.  The P16 system allows you to use the P16i and multiple P16m’s (Up to 8 per P16i) and everyone in your worship team can get a custom mix that they personalize themselves.  Behringer also uses the AES50 standard to employ ethernet cable for connecting an X32 at the front of house and a slave X32 for mixing monitors. Lastly, any church can now add DANTE, MADI, ADAT, USB or Firewire connectivity to their X32 by the previously mentioned expansion cards. Behringer has also continued to expand the feature set of the X32 with regular software updates over the years.They show no signs of slowing down their updates either.  A recent software update has increased the usefulness of their channel preset and show profile functionality.  We are currently implementing every X32 that we sell with a show file from Worship Sound Guy containing over 130 presets designed for use in Houses of Worship.



Finally, churches and ministries chose the X32 in 2015 because of the price point.    When released 3 years ago, the X32 broke into the market just shy of $3,000 US.  This past summer the X32 dropped its price to $2299 US, and at the time of this writing no other mixer boasts as many features at this same price point.  The X32 has also been subject to many suspicions that it’s quality would be subpar when compared to other brands more expensive offerings.  We have simply found that to not be true.  At House of Worship technology, we have been installing the X32 since its release, and in 3 years we have not had a single return.   A year and half ago we installed an X32 in a worship center near Louisville, Kentucky.  The X32 that we installed replaced a $20,000 digital mixer from another brand and the tech team could not be happier with all Behringer provided.