There are times when being an audio, video, or lighting tech in a church can be very rewarding and there are times when that job can be very trying.  I was reading an article this morning at about cure for a snarky soundman and I was reminded of more than a few times that I have needed that cure.  It’s important that Christ is at the heart of our tech ministry jobs.  We should always be trying our best to be loving and serving the church the way that Jesus would.  Read this article and think of at least 1 area where you could use the cure for the snarky soundman.

The congregation you serve is looking for quality out of your ministry and that extends far beyond the level of perfection that your Sunday morning productions achieve.  It’s easy to feel like your have a quality tech ministry when you get a pat on the back from one of the deacons about your epic reverb tail on the snare drum.  However, when the Pastor’s wife tells you the color wash of the stage was hideous, or that the level of the bass rattled her dental work loose how you respond can also be a reflection of the quality of you tech ministry.