I absolutely love the Behringer X32 digital mixer.  It’s fantastic for small to medium size church installations.  It’s easy to use, it sounds great, and it’s incredibly flexible.  Here’s the link to an article I wrote about why it’s been so popular in church installations.   When you like a mixer this much, it only gets better when you find people making it better.  Worship Sound Guy makes a show profile and package with over 100 presets for the X32.  The presets are for every instrument and vocal situation you would likely run into in a church sound setting. If you’re new to the X32, his show profile will get you up and running with your x32 in no time.  We love it so much that every x32 we install, we give the end users a copy of his show profile.  You can also get it right here on our site.  Additionally, we have made an instructional video with step by step instructions on how to load his show profile onto your Behringer x32 mixer.  Watch our video to get started, and if you have any questions let us know.