Recording a sermon or the music from your church’s weekly services has never been easier than it is today.  Modern recording has become increasingly affordable over the last decade. Recording in church isn’t new. Church’s have been taping sermons to cassette decks or compact discs for years.   However, multi channel recording is something that has only been widely possible, and affordable for most churches for the past 4-5 years.   Desks like the Behringer x32 provide seriously robust digital live mixing, and also allow a church to connect to a PC or Mac and multi-track record the worship band, a quartet, a skit, or multiple persons speaking.  The great thing about this is the ability to edit and mix the audio later so that you can create a professional product and add to the outreach of your church.  Doctor Mix wrote a great article about the 10 commandments for making your mix sound professional.  Add multi-track recording as part of your church’s outreach and use the tips from this article to make it sound good.  If you need help getting started, let us at HOWtech know and we will get you off on the right foot!